Welcome to Laura's Finest!

The other barbecue and chili sauces would be advised to throw in the towel because the original Munich Barbecue Sauce has now been launched!

Walter Giltner has been making his barbecue sauce in his kitchen in Gräfelfing, outside Munich, for the past three decades. He always made each batch by sight, and, in spite of this or maybe because of this, the sauce always tasted amazing. He takes a bottle to every occasion, be it to the beer garden, to private parties or even to the "Stammtisch". At first, the random collection of bottles and glasses arouses suspicion but as soon as people taste the sauce, they are utterly enthusiastic and just want more. It works perfectly with barbecues, spare ribs, sausages, and also with vegetarian barbecue fayre and baguettes.

The concept of Laura's Finest came about because, today, 30 years on, I have decided to take on the production of the sauces and make it bigger and more professional.
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