Our story

Evi and Walter Giltner - at the "Giltner Grillinger"
Evi and Walter Giltner - at the "Giltner Grillinger"

Original Munich Barbecue Sauce:


My father, Walter Giltner, has been making this delicious barbecue sauce in his kitchen for private consumption since 1982.

Only at the beginning of 2012, did I decide to start creating proper recipes. With the help of my friends and weekly invitations to test out the sauce at various barbecues, better and better versions of the perfect sauce were developed. In April 2012, the decision was taken to market three different variations of the sauce. Thanks to my colleagues, I had free use of a kitchen to make it. And thus I had secured all the right conditions to make a great quality product. Finally, the sauces were tested at the Food Laboratory in Boehm where they were deemed to be excellent.

I then found the correct bottles and lids and designed the labels.