September 2012

+++ SOLD OUT +++ SOLD OUT +++ 

Yes it's true, I was allowed to have my own little place to sell my sauces at the Gräfelfinger street life festival. Almost everyone who tasted even bought at least one bottle. I am so excited, it was a great day!! A big thank you to my great promotion team, good job, and a big thank you to all my supporters!! 

September 2012

I am very proud to tell you, that we sold the first Barbecue Sauces here on the shop! Further on, on Saturday, September 15th, we are going to sell our Sauces directly to you! Come over to the streetlife festival in Gräfelfing and try the different tastes!

August 2012 

And so it continues!

34 degrees centigrade in Munich and even the nights are pleasantly warm.

What could therefore be better than spending the day in the sun and barbecuing sausages and meat in the evening?

To all you barbecue-people at the "Flaucher", leave your sauces at home! I will come over in the evening and bring you some Pepper Mix and Original Sauces.

July 2012

The second round of production begins!

I can produce even more this time because demand is increasing and the weather is gradually warming up and inviting us to get out and fire up the barbecue. There will be 87 bottles this time!

June 2012

In the meantime, the initial batch has successfully been sold and demand continues to grow!

I'm off on holiday now but once I'm back, we'll get going again.

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic support you've given me so far.

April 2012

The results are in: the quality is excellent.

We can finally get this show on the road!

March 2012

The first batch has been made. We should get the qualiy control test results within the next couple of weeks.